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International Association of Square Dance Callers

200 SW 30th Street, Suite 104 * Topeka, KS 66611
Phone (785) 783-3665  /  FAX (785) 783-3696
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About CALLERLABPast Chairmen   
CALLERLAB Past Chairmen Minimize
Here are the members who have served as CALLERLAB's chairmen since the organization's incepetion.
YearChairman's NameComments
1975-1977Jim Mayo 
1977-1979Jack Lasry** 
1979-1981Jon Jones 
1981-1983Dave Taylor 
1983-1985Bob Van Antwerp** 
1985-1986Cal Golden **Resigned
1986-1987Norm Cross **Completed Cal Golden's term
1987-1988Bob Osgood** 
1988-1990Darryl McMillan 
1990-1992Ernie Kinney 
1992-1994Mike Seastrom 
1994-1996Tony Oxendine 
1996-1998Jerry Junck 
1998-1999Laural Eddy-MosleyFirst female chairman, resigned
1999-2001Larry ColeFinished Laural Eddy Mosley 1998-1999 term
2001-2002Jim Mayo 
2002-2004Mike Jacobs ** 
2004-2006Tim Crawford 
2006-2008Tim Marriner 
2008-2010John Marshall 
2010-2011Tim Marriner 
2011-2013Elmer Sheffield, Jr. 
2013-2015Barry Clasper 

A ** after a chairman's name indicates that they are deceased.