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The CALLERLAB Certified Square Dance Teachers (CSDT) Program has been created to provide a credential to callers who are square dance teachers. The program evaluates education, experience, knowledge, and skill as pertaining to square dance teaching.  The program components include an evaluation, a résumé or experience statement, lesson plan and other supporting documentation, and the administration of an oral examination.  The program focuses on the teaching of beginners and seeks to provide a credential that could be recognized by the square dance community as well as educational and recreational institutions.  The CSDT program is designed to be voluntary, challenging, credible, and fair. For more information about this program click here or contact the Home Office.

The following list of Certified Square Dance Teachers is provided for your reference.

Some Certified Square Dance Teachers have email addresses.  You can click on any name below that is blue to send mail to that CSDT.

Clark Baker
426 Marsh Street
Belmont, MA  02478-1109   USA
Lone Blume
(Soren Helquist)
Lillemarksvej 4 St. th
DK-4180 Soro    Denmark
Virgil Forbes
(Peggy Lee Gosnell)
c/0 Peggy Lee Cosnell
306 Upland Road
Pikesville, MD  21208-4706   USA
Mike Seastrom 19588 Ventura Blvd
Tarzana, CA  91356-2917   USA
Jim Wass
5903 60th Avenue
Riverdale, MD  20737-2542   USA

In the phone number, a plus sign ( ) means to dial whatever prefix gets you international service.  In the US and Canada, this means to dial 0-1-1; in other countries, this prefix will be different.  Outside North America, a (0) in the number means to dial the zero only within the home country.