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International Association of Square Dance Callers

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Here is a list of our current active committees.  For additional information on a particular committee, including what it's function is, member requirements, and contacts, please click on the committee name.



Mission Support - EC Liaison: Tim Marriner
CommitteeSorted By Committee In Ascending OrderChairVice-ChairEmail Address
ChallengeBill AckermanHarlan Kerr
Choreographic Applications Committee (CAC)Dottie WelchElmer Claycomb

Applications Review Committee  

Application Review History

Tim CrawfordJerry Story

Committee for Community Dance (CCTD)

Bob RiggsCalvin Campbell


Clark BakerMichael Maltenfort

Choreographic Review Coordinator

Ed FooteN/A


Bill HarrisonSkip Cleland


Stephen ColeBear Miller


Ken RitucciEric Henerlau
Priority Support - EC Liaison: Eric Henerlau
CommitteeSorted By Committee In Ascending OrderChairVice-ChairEmail Address
Ways and MeansGary FeltonBill Boyd
Marketing (formerly RPM)Mike HoganJerry Junck
New InitiativesMike Olivieri(Vacant)
History CommitteeJerry ReedJim Mayo

Caller Training

Betsy GottaJohn Marshall

Caller Coach

Paul HenzeTony Oxendine
Membership Support - EC Liaison: Deborah Carroll-Jones
CommitteeSorted By Committee In Ascending OrderChairVice-ChairEmail address
Music ProducersBuddy WeaverMike Sikorsky
Professional ConductBarry Clasper 
International AdvisoryJeff Priest (Canada)VC, Sweden, Denmark and Norway – Vacant; VC, England - Trevor Day; VC, Australia and New Zealand - Graham Elliot - VC, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Switzerland - Jeannette Staeuble; VC, Japan - Shozo Nishimura; VC, Czech Republic - Tomas Doug Machalik; VC, Taiwan - Nancy Chen; VC Germany - Dieter Goergner

Women In Calling

Patty GreeneSusan Morris

Youth Activities

Justin RussellDonna Schirmer

Callers Partners

Erin ByarsJanet Olivieri
Ourtreach (Liason) - EC Liaison: John Marshall
CommitteeSorted By Committee In Ascending OrderChairVice-ChairEmail Address


Betsy Gotta  


Charlie Wheatley  

International Outreach



Calvin Campbell  

Other Organizations


Research and Development

Pam Clasper