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Published: 4/8/2015

The Ozarks First TV station in Springfield, Missouri covered the 42nd CALLERLAB Convention held in Springfield, Missouri last week. Mike Hogan handled the interview and called to dancers on stage of Lottie Ainsworth, Noah Siegmann, Darlene Voosen and Mike Sikorsky.

 Media coverage


Published: 3/19/2015

The 42nd CALLERLAB Convention will be held in Springfield, Missouri beginning March 29, 2015.  There are many sessions available to attend and we hope you are planning on being there.  2015 Convention DIRECTIONS


Published: 2/26/2015

On Sunday, March 29, 2015 there will be a Mainstream dance held at the University Plaza Hotel, 333 John Q. Hammons Parkway, Springfield, Missouri.  Dance will be called by various International callers from various countries including Germany, Japan, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Canada.  Also Youth members will be showcased.  All dancers are invited to attend.  Admission is a free will donation at the door to support the CALLERLAB Foundation for the Preservation and Promotion of Square Dancing.  Dance will start at 8 pm in the Colorado Ballroom. Dance flyer


Published: 2/25/2015

The Plus Committee and Definitions Committee recently approved a new definition for Spin Chain and Exchange the Gears.  The revisions have been added to the Plus Definitions document Plus Definitions and the Japan Plus definitions


Published: 1/16/2015

2015 Convention Invitation--You are invited to attend the CALLERLAB 42nd Convention to be held at the University Plaza Hotel in Springfield, Missouri March 28 through April 1, 2015.  Talk It Up #squaredancing 


Published: 12/8/2014

Published: 11/13/2014

CALLERLAB created an adhoc committee to develop an easier concept to help new dancers enter the dance clubs while still learning.  The Committee developed a twelve lesson plan that will emphasize teaching the most utilized calls from the Basic and Mainstream Programs allowing new dancers to begin dancing at their clubs.  Once the first twelve lessons are accomplished, dancers may start attending club dances while they continue their lessons to learn the remaining Basic and Mainstream calls. Condensed Teach Order Document


Published: 10/27/2014

Published: 10/24/2014

The History Committee converted many years of convention recordings from cassette tapes to MP3's.  The Home Office is in the process of downloading these recordings to You Tube for members historical information.  In addition, the Home Office is downloading various video recordings of convention sessions and events.  This is an ongoing process as there are several hundred files to download.  Please check back periodically to see what new files have been downloaded. If you are searching for a specific interest session topic within You Tube, we suggest you type "CALLERLAB" as the first word and then type what you are searching for second.


Published: 9/12/2014

SightResolution14C-Reno-Final.pdfThe Choreographic Applications Committee has completed the Sight and Module Resolution Systems document describing the many systems used by square dance callers for resolving squares.  The following link will provide a sample of the final document which can be found in the Members Corner  SightResolution14C-Reno-Final.pdf


Published: 7/11/2014

Talk It Up # Square Dance!  The 2015 CALLERLAB Convention will be held in Springfield, Missouri beginning Monday, March 30, 2015.  Attendees are encouraged to arrive on March 29th or earlier to enjoy the Springfield area.  Registration Form 2015        


Published: 2/3/2014
Abbreviated Definitions- Japanese Translated 14-01-29.pdfThe Mainstream Abbreviated Definitions document has been translated into Japanese language thanks to the work of Takao Katsumata, ShozoNishimura, Tac Ozaki, Technical Committee of Japan Square Dance Association and Yoshiyuki Kuriki.   

Published: 1/10/2014

CALLERLAB offers complete recordings of convention sessions in MP3 format.  These recordings are professionally produced and offer educational and informative listening of various topics.  Order yours today.  MP3 Order Form -web site multiple years.pdf


Published: 1/10/2014

CALLERLAB offers a subscription of CALLERLAB news items.  Keep up to date on all the happens of CALLERLAB via email news and electronic publications.  Ideal for non callers, dance leaders, organizations and non CALLERLAB members.  Subscribe today using the attached application. Subscription Application.pdf  


Published: 1/10/2014

CALLERLAB invites all callers and dance leaders to attend our annual convention.  There is something for everyone.  Plan to attend and "Make Something Happen"!  Press Release Dance Leaders at Convention.pdf


Published: 1/10/2014

The CALLERLAB Caller Training Committee has recently approved the CALLERLAB Mentoring Guidelines document.  For those callers mentoring newer callers, the attached document will assist you in presenting guidance.  If you are a newer caller, please solicit an experienced caller to be your mentor or contact the CALLERLAB Home Office to assist you finding a mentor in your area.  Mentoring Guidelines Project.pdf 


Published: 1/10/2014

CALLERLAB presents an experimental condensed teaching order.   This is designed to help newer dancers enter square dancing sooner, retain dancers longer and shorten the time to teach newer dancers.  This is an experimental programs for you to consider with your next classes.  If you try, please advise the Home Office of your results and comments.  Condensed Teaching Order - 12 Sessions


Published: 11/9/2012

The attached document provides information regarding BMI and ASCAP licensing.  If you have further questions, please contact the CALLERLAB Home Office.   BMI ASCAP Q & A


Published: 8/13/2008

For webmasters looking to update broken links, or others who are linking to areas on the CALLERLAB website, we have provided a page with some permalinks for you to use.  Please click on For Webmasters! in the left sidebar for additional information.