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International Association of Square Dance Callers

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CALLERLAB Publications and Sale Items Minimize

CALLERLAB currently offers many items for sale through our home office, including: Dance Program Materials (Lists, Definitions, and Checklists), Caller Training Materials, Choreographic Support  Materials (Choreographic Guidelines, Standard Applications Books, etc) and others are listed on the CALLERLAB Sales Items List.  To view and/or order CALLERLAB Sales Items, please download the Sales Items Order Form. DVD Order Form

A list of CALLERLAB Sales Items, including






- CALLERLAB Insignia Items

- CALLERLAB Publications

- CALLERLAB Belt Buckles

- Caller/Club Confirmation Agreement (Contract)

- Golf Shirts

- Jackets

- Sweat Shirts

- Tee-Shirts

- Baseball Caps

- Dance Program Lists

- Caller Training Documents and Materials

- Definitions, Styling, and Timing Documnets

- Choreographic Applications Publications

- CD's and DVD's Ranging From Beginner Dance Party DVD's to Marketing to Training






To order any of these items, please print out a copy of the CALLERLAB Sales Item Order Form and send to the Home office.

CALLERLAB Gift Certificates -

Does your club honor your caller with a gift for his or her birthday or maybe for Christmas or both? Are you always racking your brain with what to get him or her? CALLERLAB would like to give you the opportunity to give your caller a gift certificate. These certificates are offered in the following denominations: $25.00, $50.00, $75.00, $100.00 or more. The gift certificates may be used for CALLERLAB merchandise, membership, or convention fees.

If you would like to order a gift certificate for your caller, Contact Wade at the Home Office  800-331-2577  or Email:

Order Forms Minimize
 TitleModified DateSize 
2011 CALLERLAB Convention Audio1/11/201173.23 KBDownload
Available CD's and DVD's (List & Information)9/14/2012153.08 KBDownload
Order Form - Shirts-Jackets-Badges (Thru 12/31/2010)7/29/200989.91 KBDownload
Sales Item List9/14/2012456.65 KBDownload
Youth Brochure (Sample)9/11/2010868.39 KBDownload