Past Chairmen

Here are the members who have served as CALLERLAB’s chairmen since the organization’s inception. A ** after a chairman’s name indicates that they are deceased. Year Chairman’s Name Comments 1975-1977 Jim Mayo** 1977-1979 Jack Lasry** 1979-1981 Jon Jones 1981-1983 Dave Taylor** 1983-1985 Bob Van Antwerp** 1985-1986 Cal Golden ** Resigned 1986-1987 Norm Cross ** Completed … Read more


Milestone Award The CALLERLAB Milestone Award is the highest award CALLERLAB can bestow on any individual. The nominee is judged against rigid criteria in five separate categories. A nominee must meet the criteria in all five categories to receive the award. The primary purpose of this award is to recognize those individuals, whether CALLERLAB Members ... Read more

Scholarship Information

CALLERLAB and the CALLERLAB Foundation administer scholarship funds to support education of callers, dancers, and organizations. Applications for these scholarships must be submitted to CALLERLAB/CALLERLAB Foundation office prior to the start of the school the applicant plans to attend.  Applications received after the school begins, will not be considered.   Applications will  be reviewed by … Read more

From Our Members

In our continuing effort to provide service to CALLERLAB Members we are offering this section of the web site for comments, thoughts, and other input from our Members.The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of CALLERLAB. If you have information you would like to share, please contact … Read more