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For the first time in more than 20 years Callerlab Minilab is coming to Europe!

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By Teresa Berger


Minilab is a smaller version of CALLERLAB’s annual convention.
Its purpose is to allow people who can’t get to a convention to experience the friendship, networking, and training that happen at CALLERLAB’s annual gathering.

Lots of stuff! Meeting new friends, getting reacquainted with old friends, seminars on many different subjects, a chance to meet the CALLERLAB leaders, and of course …dancing!

Minilab is open to EVERYBODY. You don‘t have to be a member of any Callers association, you don’t even have to be a caller! If you’re a dancer or a partner who wants to know more about what callers really do, then Minilab is for you too.

SAVE THE DATE! 17-20 October 2024 and the location is the Ringberg Hotel in Suhl Germany.

Our staff so far is: CALLERLAB Board of Governors Chairman Ted Lizotte, Executive committee members Tony Oxendine and Jack Pladdys, Executive Director Teresa Berger, and CALLERLAB Accredited Caller coaches Edeltraud Haas, Juliane Burr, and Walt Burr.

For Callers: Early bird price 175 €, after 1 February 2024 it will be 190€
For Partners and all others: 165 €.

All seminars, lunch and dinner Friday and Saturday, dinner and lunch include water, tea, juice, dinner includes beer, and wine also. Coffee breaks during the day with fresh fruit, snacks, coffee, and tea. Water in the seminar rooms. Dancing Friday and Saturday night to some of the world’s top callers.

Single room-85 € per night,
double room with either two single beds or one double bed- 110 € per night.
Caravan parking is also available at 30€ per night.
All rooms and caravan parking include breakfast, access to the indoor pool and showers.

For information and registration contact Walt & Juli Burr Minilab2024@gmail.com

2024 European MiniLab Registration Form

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