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Advanced Dancing

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Advanced Dancing

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Advanced dancing is the next CALLERLAB program of square dancing after the Plus Program. In addition to the Mainstream and Plus calls, Advanced dancers and callers are responsible for knowing an additional group of calls known as Advanced Dancing's Basic Calls.

Advanced Definitions

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Definitions of Advanced Calls

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    Advanced History

    Unlike Mainstream or Challenge dancing, Advanced dancing has no true, direct lineage. It is a compromise dancing program. Its origin was at CALLERLAB between 1974 and 1977, where a group of callers correlated their ideas and experiences and compiled a list of calls that would bridge the gap between what are now the Plus and  Challenge Programs. It was necessary to do so in order to define a program that would include a large number of dancers who were then dancing what is now Advanced, but were not dancing enough calls to be Challenge dancers. Also, there was a need to maintain a balanced teaching order throughout, as well as continuity between the various dance programs.

    In 1977 CALLERLAB formally recognized the existence of the program called Advanced, along with its related list of Advanced Dancing’s Basic Calls. Prior to this, Advanced dancing was a term with several meanings. It had different and conflicting applications from one area to another. The term “Advanced Dancing” lacked continuity and portability. When dancers traveled, they found it difficult to find a type of Advanced dancing with which they were familiar. It existed under various identifiers: Advanced, Hot Hash, High Level, and Closed-Club Level. In some areas, it was defined by club names and was understood only by the dancers in those areas.
    Because of the lack of uniformity, it was not acceptable as an international standard. The creation of the CALLERLAB-approved list of Advanced Dancing’s Basic Calls provided this international standard, giving the dancer greater mobility.

    This list of calls is reviewed annually by CALLERLAB’S Advanced Dancing Committee and every call is voted on every other year to ensure its compliance with current usage. In addition, the committee has adopted a set of uniform definitions of the listed calls, in order to maintain international uniformity.