International Advisory Committee

IAC Attendees at the 2023 CALLERLAB Convention

COMMITTEE FUNCTION: This committee is the combination of the former Overseas Advisory Committee and the Canadian Advisory Committee.

The function of this committee is: 1) Develop and recommend ways in which CALLERLAB can be of greater service to international callers, 2) Develop programs for the recruitment of new members who reside outside the USA, 3) Recommend policies and programs for membership in CALLERLAB. Help identify committee Members who will attend caller and square dance associations as representatives of CALLERLAB. These members would be expected to be knowledgeable of and prepared to answer questions pertaining to all CALLERLAB policies and procedures especially as they relate to International issues. The committee will work closely with other committees
which have an interest in membership and recruitment. The committee will also provide a conduit for International Members to the Board Of Governors and from the Home Office to the Members.

The committee will also assist in the recommendation for locations for MiniLabs and individuals may serve as on-site helpers for anticipated Mini-Labs.

FUTURE ACTIVITIES: Review additional recruiting techniques and materials. The input from the Committee will help establish the requirements for continuing membership for International callers.

MEMBERSHIP PREREQUISITES: To be a member of this committee you must reside outside the USA, or have lived outside the USA if a U.S. citizen and be an Active Member, Associate Member, Active Youth Member, Associate Youth Member, Life Member or Partners of any of the above listed categories.

Chair, Tom Rainer

IAC Presentation at the 2022 CALLERLAB Convention
  • ViceChair, Sweden, Finland, Denmark & Norway – Hanna Tenenbaum
  • ViceChair, Great Britain – Trevor Day
  • ViceChair, Australian and New Zealand – Graham Elliot
  • ViceChair, Netherlands and Belgium – Piet Walhout
  • ViceChair, Austria, France and Switzerland – Jeannette Stäuble
  • ViceChair, Japan – Hiroshi Nakagawa
  • ViceChair, Czech Republic and Russia – Tomas ‘Doug’ Machalik
  • ViceChair, Germany – Michael ‘Mickey’ Braithwaite
  • ViceChair, Western Canada – Lorne Smith
  • ViceChair, Eastern Canada – Dottie Welch
  • ExecutiveCommittee Liaison – Buddy Weaver

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