Caller Training Curriculum

This page is designed to be a resource for callers who are training other callers.  If you are new caller looking for resources, visit our Caller Resources page.

Being a good caller involves becoming skilled in a variety of areas.  CALLERLAB’s Caller Training & Accredited Caller Coach Committees have developed a curriculum for caller training.  The core of the curriculum is a list of the topics to be covered.  This list will give you a good idea of what you should be learning as you begin to call or improve your skills.

Some topics are more important than others, so the list is divided into three parts:

Essential Topics

  • Mechanics of Choreography
  • Methods of Choreographic Management
  • Music
  • Teaching
  • Programming
  • Smooth Dancing and Body Flow
  • Voice Delivery
  • Timing
  • Leadership
  • Ethics

Important Topics

  • Business Side of Calling
  • Singing-Call Techniques
  • Sound/Public-Address Equipment
  • The Caller’s Partner
  • Dancer Succcess
  • Sociability
  • Square Dance Party
  • History, Heritage, and Tradition
  • Self-Improvement Techniques

Desirable Topics

  • Rounds, Contras, and Mixers
  • Showmanship
  • Duties of an MC
  • Promotion/Communications

The first step in the process of becoming an Accredited Caller Coach is to review the Procedures and purchase the Curriculum Guidelines for Caller Training.  You can download the Procedures for Accreditation and order a copy of the Guidelines below.