What does CALLERLAB do?

Our mission:

“To foster the art of square dance calling, and improve caller skills”.

The leadership of the organization is a group of highly competent and dedicated people who work hard on many matters that are extremely important to all of us who are interested in keeping square dancing thriving. They are not a closed group in terms of ideas. They seek and heed input from a broad base of opinions worldwide. Committees do most of their work by email, so all members have an opportunity to participate.

The Board of Governors meets annually at the CALLERLAB convention to discuss issues, concerns, and items of interest to the Membership and the activity. Members are welcome to attend and take their questions directly to the Board.

The Convention is where callers and partners meet and visit annually. Many interesting and educational topics are programmed and presented by members. Callers who attend state that it is well worth the effort to be there. This is evident from the fact that they travel from as far away as Japan, Australia, Europe, Canada, and across the USA. (For more details, see the “Why go to Convention?” flyer.)

The standardization of program lists and call definitions allows a square dancer to travel anywhere in the world and dance the same calls he/she learned at home.  Before CALLERLAB, that was not possible.  The managing of the lists is done by CALLERLAB committees and continues to this date.

Learn more at https://callerlab.org/dance-programs/.

Insurance is available for all callers in the USA (non-CALLERLAB members pay a $27 administration fee). It provides Liability coverage up to $1 Million per occurrence, with an aggregate limit of $3 Million per event, Medical coverage, and Accidental Death and Dismemberment.  The policy year begins April 1.

Learn more at https://callerlab.org/insurance/.

CALLERLAB has negotiated with BMI and ASCAP to allow the licensing of callers rather than individual clubs. The licensing is managed through CALLERLAB and all callers who call in the US must be licensed.

Learn more at https://callerlab.org/bmi-ascap-licensing/.

Any caller can apply for a scholarship to attend a Callers School. Priority goes to applicants with less than five years of experience. Although one of the staff members at the school must be a CALLERLAB Accredited Caller Coach, the caller receiving the scholarship does not need to be a CALLERLAB member.

Learn more at: https://www.callerlabfoundation.com/scholarship-information/.

CALLERLAB creates and maintains a wide range of caller training documents, most of which are available to any caller or dancer by downloading from the website at no cost. The definition documents and some others have been translated into one or more foreign languages.

  • Dance Program lists and Definitions
  • Teaching Tips, Lost Squares Procedure
  • Formation and Arrangement charts
  • Winning Ways for club success
  • Community Dance Journals
  • Sight and Module Resolution Systems
  • Marketing Manual

he Knowledgebase collects information useful to Modern Western Square Dance leaders and callers. Articles are gleaned from a wide array of sources on recruiting new dancers, training callers, and promoting MWSD in general. If you have questions or suggestions for content, please email knowledgebase@callerlab.org.

 This resource is designed to assist a modern square dance caller who is teaching new calls to dancers or teaching new applications of a call to dancers. The Definition, Standard Applications, Call Analysis, Modules, Teaching Tips and Choreography are included for each call through Mainstream.

This is a resource of dances for use at Beginner Party Dances and Community Dances.  There are Circle Dances and Mixers, Contras, Lines, Trios and other Group dances, Quadrilles, Traditional and simple Modern Square Dances.

Experienced CALLERLAB members have written Curriculum Guidelines and supporting educational materials for training new callers. Callers who train callers may become an Accredited Caller Coach by completing CALLERLAB’s very in-depth study program and application process. There are currently more than 30 CALLERLAB Accredited Caller Coaches who, cumulatively, have trained thousands of callers.

Learn more at: https://callerlab.org/acc/.

CALLERLAB has a Certified Square Dance Teacher program available for those needing documentation to call in schools.

CALLERLAB has a Certified Square Dance Caller program requiring at least three CALLERLAB members to agree that you have demonstrated competence in various skills.

CALLERLAB also has a handbook to assist callers who are mentoring aspiring callers in their local area.

Contact the Home Office to purchase a copy.

Members of Affiliated Associations in the USA can purchase insurance thru CALLERLAB. All Affiliated Associations receive DIRECTION, the Convention MP3s and are eligible for Educational Grants.

Click here to view a list of Affiliated Organizations.

A 501-(c)(3) Charitable Organization

  1. Provides financial assistance to callers, clubs, and associations for educational seminars and workshops.
  2. Provides administrative support to the Square Dance Foundation of New England (SDFNE) in creating and maintaining a library of historical Caller Note Service documents.
  3. Produced the brochure “New Song and Dance Routine”, of which over 700,000 have been sold.
  4. Conducts surveys for information about the activity, dancers, and callers. Report of results are in the Documents section of the CALLERLAB website.

Learn more about the Foundation here: https://callerlab.org/callerlab-foundation/.

CALLERLAB members pledge to abide by the Code of Ethics.  Here is a point form version. See the full document for details.

  1. Present a positive image and advocate for the good of square dancing.
  2. Help dancers develop to their potential and to their maximum satisfaction.
  3. Support local organizations by helping to foster growth and cooperation.
  4. Respect the dignity of other callers, teachers and leaders; be cooperative and supportive.
  5. Provide a safe, welcoming and respectful environment for all.
  6. Focus on life-long professional development. Use standardized terms.
  7. Behave in a responsible manner.
  8. Honor contracts and deal fairly.
  9. Keep financial affairs in order.
  10. Use music legally and ensure that the artists and producers are properly paid.

There is just SO MUCH that CALLERLAB does for square dancing and calling around the globe.

Members are its life blood, and all callers would benefit by being members.