Handicapable Square Dancing

Handicapable Book and Directory

March 14, 2012 486.79 KB 3907 downloads

This document was produced by the CALLERLAB Handicapable Committee and reflects a joint effort of many callers and dancers. It includes a wealth of information including: Club contacts, helpful hints from many well respected callers and others.

Handicapable Newsletter #2

December 17, 2009 210.25 KB 2763 downloads

This is the second Newsletter from the CALLERLAB Handicapable Committee. This issue includes information from the dancing at the National Square Dance Convention in Long Beach, CA in June 2009 and the 11th USH Convention in Mobile, AL in July 2009

Handicapable Newsletter #1

November 12, 2007 144.42 KB 2790 downloads

This is the first issue of the Handicapable Newsletter from CALLERLAB. The purpose of this newsletter is to get the communication going with this wonderful group of dancers. There are so many wonderful things going on that we need to share ideas and tell others about.