Dance Resource

To access the CALLERLAB Dance Resource visit

The Dance Resource is a compilation of Beginner Party Dances, Community Dances, Contra Dances, and Traditional Square Dances.

Dances are grouped by type and listed in HTML code for easy viewing. Many dances are also available to be downloaded as a Rich Text File. It is also easy to copy and paste as desired.

Dance Types:

  • Circle Dances all begin in one large circle. They include No Partner Dances, Sitting Dances, Couple Dances, and Mixers.
  • Contras generally begin in two long facing lines with partner pairs arranged in various ways. This collection includes Proper Lines, Proper Duple Lines, Alternate Duple Lines, Triples, Triplets, and Becket Lines. There are also contras that begin in other formations such as the Sicilian Circle and Mescolanza formations.
  • Lines, Trios and Groups includes dances that begin in loose lines of solo dancers and dances that begin with groups of 3 or more dancers arranged in various ways.
  • Square Dances all begin in groups of eight dancers arranged in a square. This collection includes Traditional Square Dance figures of various types, Quadrilles, Singing Call figures, and Miscellaneous Ideas related to Square Dancing.