CALLERLAB Mini-Labs were created to make the experience of a CALLERLAB Convention more accessible to existing and potential members. A Mini-Lab is a convention lasting about two and a half days with a format similar to the annual CALLERLAB convention but located at a time and place different from the annual convention. It is called a Mini-Lab because it is expected to draw attendees from a limited area and to have a smaller attendance than the annual convention. A Mini-Lab offers a program similar, in most respects, to the annual convention. The principal difference is that committee meetings are not usually included. While caller training is not the primary purpose of a Mini-Lab, CALLERLAB recognizes that technical, artistic and leadership training is an important responsibility of a professional organization. Mini-Labs include a balance of caller training, insights into the direction the activity is taking, camaraderie and a chance for callers to exchange information and ideas with CALLERLAB=s leaders.

Year City
1990 Portland, ME
1994 England
1997 Canada
1998 Australia
2002 Germany
2008 London, Canada
2008 Australia
2016 Seattle, WA
2024 Germany