Music Producers Committee

Chair: Shauna Kaaria                Vice-Chair: Ted Lizotte

The Music Producers Committee manages the Music for Callers website (, the square dance music Clearing House, along with this web page.  In the past, the committee also sponsored the first and second annual Square Dance Music Awards (known as the “Ozzies”).

Committee membership is open to CALLERLAB members who are actively producing and releasing music to the square dance community.  Committee meetings are held each year at the annual CALLERLAB convention.  To join the committee, please send your request via email to the Home Office, and include the music label you represent.

The Music for Callers website was founded by Wade Driver (committee chairman 2009-2015) to house the music producers Clearing House with a secondary goal to eventually provide a single place where callers could go to learn what’s new in square dance music, search available music releases, and find links to the sites where the music could be purchased.  Under the leadership of Buddy Weaver (committee chairman 2015-2018), the early vision became a reality as the searchable database for available music was created, along with links to the point of sale.  The site has become the “go-to” place for callers who are looking to purchase new square dance music.  Improvements and upgrades to the site will continue.  With the demise of vinyl and along with it, the record distributors, the Music for Callers website fills a great need for both the callers who need music and the producers with music to sell.  The site is managed by the Music Producers Clearing House members under the direction of the current Music Producers Committee Chairman (who also serves as the Clearing House leader).

The music producers Clearing House continues to be hosted by the Music for Callers site.  Music producers use this Clearing House to communicate production activities, prevent song duplication in the same year, and protect the investments made by individual producers.  Participation in the Clearing House is highly recommended and open to all square dance music producers.  CALLERLAB membership is not required.  Music producers wishing to join the Clearing House can visit the “Info for Producers” page on the Music for Callers site where instructions for joining can be found.

1.  My favorite record is ruined and I can’t find a replacement – can my friend just make a copy for me?

No.  Making a copy for anyone but yourself along with borrowing or loaning a record to copy is a copyright violation.  It is extremely rare for any Square Dance record company to not have someone with ownership of the copyright – someone who has the legal ability to get you a copy of your favorite song.  Visit for a list of known producers and the record labels they represent.  Please contact them directly to obtain a copy of a recording.

2.  Can I sell my records now that I’ve made copies of them?

No.  Your original vinyl record is your license to have a copy.  Selling or giving away a record (single or collection) makes destroying your copies mandatory to avoid copyright violation.

3.  What is “digitally re-mastered”?

Digital re-mastering refers to converting an analog product (vinyl record, tape) to a digital signal as found on computers, mini-discs, MP3 players.  Most every Square Dance Music Producer has produced records or tapes and is now offering their product in a digital format which saves the purchaser, not only the time it takes to digitally re-master his/her records but in many cases, provides a far superior digital recording.

4.  Can I record my calling to sell or give away?

If you are using music along with your calling, you must obtain permission from the copyright holder (Music Producer) to use their music in your recording.  You should also consult the Harry Fox Agency for mechanical licensing requirements.  Copyright and licensing requirements apply whether your CD/MP3/DVD is sold or given away.

The CALLERLAB Music Producers Committee is here to help you, if you have a question or concern that you’d like to have addressed, please send an email to the CALLERLAB Home Office, or committee chairman.