Affiliated Organizations

CALLERLAB Affiliated Association Members

CALLERLAB has established a means by which Caller Associations may join as an Affiliated Association Member. These Affiliated Associations are closely related to CALLERLAB, pay dues, and share the goals, mission, and objectives of CALLERLAB.

Listed below are those Affiliated Association Members which have provided the Home Office with information regarding the association’s web site. To add your association to the list, contact the CALLERLAB office – Phone (785) 783-3665 or Email –

Alberta Square & Round Dance Instructors


Contact: Barrie McCombs,

Assn of Nova Scotia Sq & Rd Dance Teachers


Contact: Dottie Welch,

Caller Society of Denmark (CSD)


Contact: Mads Nielsen,

Callers Council of New Jersey


Contact: Don Coy,

CzechoSlovak Callers & Teachers Assn


Contact: Tomas Machalik,

Delaware Valley Callers Association


Contact: Ginny Reaske,

Denver Area Callers & Cuers Assn


Contact: Ginny Reaske,

East Texas Callers Assn


Contact: Skip Gates,

European Callers & Teachers Assn (ECTA)


Contact: Michael Franz,

Florida Callers Association


Contact: Jack Lewis,

Gay Callers Association


Contact: Rusty Johnson,

Grand Squares International


Contact: Kim Curlee,

Indiana Dance Leaders Assn. Inc.


Contact: Larry Cole,

Japan Square Dance Assn


Contact: Keiji Handa,

KAMO Callers, Cuers & Partners

Website: www.wesquaredance/KAMO

Contact: Billy Reynolds,

Lloyd Shaw Foundation


Contact: Lew Cocke,

Metrolina Callers and Cuers Assn


Contact: Theresa Rutz,

Miami Valley Caller Assn


Contact: Tom Davis,

Mississippi Square Dance Callers Assn


Contact: Carol Hosch,

Nagoya Callers Association


Contact: Takao Katsumata,

Nebraska Callers & Cuers Assn


Contact: Carol Weaklend,

National Capital Area Square Dance Leaders Assn


Contact: Albion Taylor,

New England Council Of Callers Assn (NECCA)


Contact: Johnny Wedge,

North Carolina Callers Association


Contact: Monk Moore,

North Texas Callers Association


Contact: Charles Crockett,

Northeast Colorado Callers Assn


Contact: Mike Olivieri,

Northeast Kansas Square Dance Callers Assn


Contact: Pamela Young,

Northwest Callers Association


Contact: Brett Kappenman,

Old Colony Callers Association


Contact: Dave Perrault,

Orange County Callers Association


Contact: Teresa Sherrer,

Santa Clara Valley Callers Assn, Inc


Contact: Diana Hilliard,

South Carolina Callers Assn


Contact: Genie Whetsell,

Southern Arizona Callers Association


Contact: Juanita Portz,

Square Dance Callers Assn of Northern California


Contact: Alanna Yoshimura,

Square Dance Callers Club of Great Britain


Contact: Susie Kelly,

Swingmasters Callers


Contact: Robert Maiden,

Texas State Callers Assn


Contact: John Kephart,

Tokyo Callers Association


Contact: Takako Suzuki,

Toledo Area Western Dance Leaders Assn


Contact: Anita Eckley,

Victoria & District Caller Teachers Assn


Contact: Connie Ritchie,

Tri-State Callers Association


Contact: Darrell Sprague,

CALLERLAB Foundation for the Preservation and Promotion of Square Dancing

The CALLERLAB Foundation’s purpose is to support the funding of projects that will preserve and promote square dancing and other associated dance forms. The projects will protect the heritage of the activity and contribute to its growth, emphasizing the social, physical, and mental benefits of square dancing. The CALLERLAB Foundation will also increase public awareness of the activity by showing the fun and fellowship that makes square dancing a popular recreation today.  The CALLERLAB Foundation for the Preservation and Promotion of Square Dancing (The CALLERLAB Foundation) was formed in 1992 and is registered with the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt corporation.  Please visit their website at

Alliance for Round, Traditional and Square Dance (the ARTS)

The Alliance for Round, Traditional and Square Dance (the ARTS) is a gathering of different independent organizations for the purpose of achieving common goals. The independent organizations retain their individual identity, character, mission, and goals while supporting the common goals of the Alliance.

The ARTS mission is to generate public awareness and promote growth and acceptance of contemporary Square, Round, and Traditional Folk Dance by encouraging and assisting a coalition of allied dance groups. The ARTS will provide leadership and resources necessary to create an achievable marketing program. The Arts will encourage, promote and support healthy lifestyles through dance programs and events that provide fun and effective exercise for both mind and body, all within a unique system of social interactions.

The ARTS Governing Board consists of representatives from the following dance organizations:

  • CALLERLAB – The International Association of Square Dance Callers
  • CONTRALAB – The International Association of Contra Dance Leaders
  • IAGSDC – International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs
  • NSDCA – National Square Dance Campers Association
  • NEC – National Executive Committee of the National Square Dance Convention
  • ROUNDALAB – The International Association of Round Dance Teachers
  • SSDUSA – Single Square Dancers USA
  • USA West – USA West Square Dance Convention Policy Board
  • USDA – United Square Dancers of America

The ARTS has been incorporated in North Carolina and is an IRS 501(c)(3) Tax-exempt corporation. The initiatives of the organization include:

  • Demographic surveys collecting valuable information to be used to support a marketing plan.
  • Approval of a plan which can be adopted and modified by dance organizations to support recruiting efforts.
  • Establishment of a toll free telephone number (1-866-445-ARTS) to provide information about dance activities.

Additional information is available through the ARTS website:

The ARTS has also partnered with a travel company, YTB Travel, to provide online travel service to benefit the square activity. Additional information is available through the ARTS Travel site:

U. S. Handicapable Association (USHA)

The Mission of the U.S. Handicapable Association is to provide a U.S. Handicapable Convention in even numbered years to bring the groups together in fun, fellowship and friendship!

Handicapable Dancers are dancers who may have developmental disabilities, may have autism, may have cerebral palsy or any other disability. Handicapable Square Dancers may be dancers in wheelchairs who do not have any developmental disabilities. These wonderful dancers love square dancing as much as we do, they just may need a little more time to dance the steps. Don’t get me wrong! Handicapable Square Dancers have MANY abilities!! There are dancers who can dance Basic, Mainstream, Plus, Advance and even Challenge!

The association is always looking for more Handicapable Square Dance Groups for which they do not have contact information for. If you are aware of any clubs out there, or would like to start a group, feel free to contact the association ( 

Please contact the association for convention information, to find a Handicapable Square Dance group, to find a square dance callers for your group, or information on how to start a group.

Please visit the association web site for more information:

Additional information may also be available through the CALLERLAB office.

The Square Dance Foundation Of New England (SDFNE)

It has a membership of individuals, clubs, and organizations who care about our dance heritage of the past, and want to see it continue on as a living legacy. Click here for additional Information.

Our Mission

Objectives are:

  • To establish a library, acquire books, periodicals, tapes, recordings, sheet music, and paraphernalia relating to dance, square and round dancing, the history of dances, and dancing.
  • To acquire, catalog, print, or arrange for reproduction of any or all such information.
  • To acquire, show and display memorabilia of dancing, and square and round dancing.
  • To establish and maintain a historical registry of Callers, Cuers, and Clubs.

Our Purpose

  • To preserve the American Heritage of traditional, ethnic and social dance.
  • To promote the preservation of dance history and memorabilia in a central archive, consisting of collections from personal clubs and organizations involved in social dance.

The existence of our Library and Museum is intended to create a greater visibility of the square dance activity for future dance population growth throughout New England. In serves as a center for dance education and research on dance. Future programs will be developed to transform our operations into a living dance heritage center.