CALLERLAB Committee Information

CALLERLAB has established a committee system to involve members in the work done by the organization. These committees include Standing Committees, Ad Hoc Committees, and Sub-Committees. Standing Committee are permanent committees created to handle a specific area such as the Program Committees (Mainstream, Plus, Advanced, and Challenge). Ad-Hoc Committees are short-term, task-oriented committees created to deal with one specific issue. Upon completion of the identified task, an Ad-Hoc Committee is disbanded. Sub-Commitees are committees which are created under another committee, primarily to deal with a specific area.

Almost all of the work accomplished by CALLERLAB is done by the various committees. The work of committees is one of the most important reasons for the existence of CALLERLAB. That work is always intended to benefit square dancing and square dance callers. It is important that the work of the committees is efficiently accomplished and clearly communicated to our members and (when appropriate) to the entire square dance community. All work accomplished by any committee of CALLERLAB shall be the property of CALLERLAB.

This document provides details regarding each committee. Information includes Function, Accomplishments, Membership prerequisites, and other committee information. Download the document to review the information. Download the Committee Brief document to review a description of CALLERLAB committees.  Committee Brief.

How to Join Committees

All members of CALLERLAB are eligible to join committees and vote on committee business. Eligible membership categories are Active (Voting), Associate, (Youth Members in these two categories are also eligible), Apprentice (calling three years or less) or Life members. If you are an Active, Associate, Apprentice, OR Life Member and would like to join a committee simply contact the Home Office at and request to join the committee or fill out the form below. Some committees have specific criteria for membership; these prerequisites  are outlined in each Committee Brief. Contact the Home Office to see if you qualify.

Membership on the following special function committees is controlled by the Board through the Executive Committee: Applications Review, Choreographic Review Coordinator, and Professional Conduct.

Membership on the following committees have specific criteria: Callers Partner (Must be the partner of a CALLERLAB Member), Youth Activities (Must be calling for a youth group or be a past member of a youth group), Advanced (Must be calling the Advanced Program), Challenge (Must be calling the Challenge Program), Mainstream (Must be calling the Mainstream Program), Plus (Must be calling the Plus Program), Caller-Coach (Must be an Accredited Caller-Coach), Caller Training (Must be involved with training other callers), International Advisory (Must be a member residing outside the United States or Canada; all Overseas and Canadian Members are members of this committee unless they indicate otherwise to the Home Office).

Committee Members are expected to be active and engaged during committee correspondence.  Per the Guidelines for Committee Chairmen and Vice Chairmen (for all committees):  “Any Committee member, Chairman or Vice-Chairman who fails to respond to two consecutive pieces of correspondence requiring a reply will be excluded from that Committee. The Chairman will notify the Home Office if any such instance occurs.”  Committee members are advised not to divulge Committee actions or decisions to non-committee members prior to official announcement by the Home office.