CALLERLAB Announces “MicroLAB”

Thanks to the hard work of the Public Relations Committee, CALLERLAB is pleased to announce a new initiative aimed at improving the exposure of the Association to international callers and others who find the distance and accessibility to CALLERLAB to be insurmountable.

We are all aware of the Mini-Lab program that has been a CALLERLAB initiative for many years.  A Mini-Lab was a multi-day event implemented as a valuable tool to accommodate callers who needed the convention attendance requirement necessary to complete their CALLERLAB voting membership application but could not, for various reasons, attend the annual convention.  A Mini-LAB was an alternative to the annual convention. This program was used quite a few times in Canada and the USA and once in Great Britain.  Lately, it has become apparent that costs to host a Mini-Lab prohibited the program from being used to its fullest extent. However, there was still a need for CALLERLAB to be accessible to these callers.

To address that issue, CALLERLAB is pleased to introduce “MicroLABs”.

The aim of a MicroLAB is to make CALLERLAB more visible to those callers who find the problems of distance and accessibility to CALLERLAB seem insurmountable. The MicroLAB will be different from both the annual convention and a Mini-Lab in that it would NOT be a means for an attendee to obtain a voting CALLERLAB membership. Rather, a MicroLAB would be a half-day event where sessions on topics meant to inspire attendees to learn more about CALLERLAB, would be presented by a CALLERLAB-Executive-approved leader.  It would be a step toward obtaining an Active Membership.

More information on this new initiative can be obtained from the Home Office or by reviewing the MicroLAB Guidelines.