Indiana Welcomes CALLERLAB!

A huge thanks to the 171 dancers who came out to the CALLERLAB fundraiser dance this weekend and raised over $1,600 for CALLERLAB!

The dance was sponsored by the Riley Wrangers Square Dance Club and the Star Promenaders – thanks to all the members who helped facilitate the details of this event!

We had attendees from Indiana, California, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, New Hampshire, Ohio, South Carolina, & Tennessee.

Special thanks to the Executive Committee for volunteering their time and talent during this dance. Chair Ted Lizotte – Square Dance Caller, Vice Chair Buddy Weaver, Executive Committee Members Tony Oxendine, Jack Pladdys & Justin Russell – Square Dance Caller, and Executive Director, Teresa Berger.

Shoutout to the callers in attendance: James Cha, Doug Cline, George Ferguson, Bill Garrison, Marianne C. Jackson, Larry Letson, Janet Lewis, Philip Peak, Dave Schulz & Doris Swain.

And last but certainly not least, thanks to our partner in crime (and all things digital media related), Ray Owens, Square Dance Tech.
Stay tuned for an exciting announcement soon regarding the next CALLERLAB Fundraising Dance!