Resolution Results

Resolution Results:

Following the 2022 Annual General Meeting, eligible voting members received a ballot to vote on the one resolution presented.  The ballots have been counted and the resolution was approved.

Therefore Be It Resolved That: ARTICLE II, Section 1, Subsection (c) of the CALLERLAB Bylaws be amended to read as follows:

(C) Apprentice Member;

(1) Definition. A person who has been calling less than three (3) calendar years and who subscribes to the CALLERLAB Code of Ethics.

(2) Privileges. Apprentice Members shall have all privileges of Active Members, except voting, serving on the Board of Governors, or receiving minutes and financial statements. Apprentice Members may serve on committees for which they qualify, and vote on committee business.”


Apprentice Members may now contact the Home Office to join committees for which they qualify!  Learn more about the CALLERLAB Committees.