Return to Dancing Success Stories

From Chair Harlan Kerr

Welcome Back

I am sure that many of you have now experienced the absolute joy of finally plugging in your microphone and welcoming dancers back to the dance floor. I must say that the first few nights I returned to calling in person were absolutely thrilling for me and the dancers. We had fun filled nights of not only dancing but also reconnecting. I found that I had to extend breaks because dancers were so into renewing their social relationships. I think that one of the greatest joys to me was that most dancers returned and were excited about being together again and sharing the joy of square dancing. That is one thing I want to emphasize: there is a true joy in our activity and our dancers know that. Moving forward, we need to find new and successful ways of introducing new dancers to the joy we share.

I would like to hear from callers across the square dance world who have great stories to share about how they approached the return to dancing and how they structured things for success, fun, and sociability. I know there are many great stories out there and am sure folks would like to hear them. I would also like to hear from folks who are having challenges coming back so we can help and support them.

Send your ideas here:

I will summarize the responses and work with the Home Office to put together an electronic news blast to share the stories with all Members. I would also like to hear about your strategies for moving forward. Please consider sharing your experiences. As an incentive, I will contribute $10 to the CALLERLAB Foundation for every story shared up to $2000 (see more below on the Foundation). So, please contribute your experiences!

-Harlan Kerr