Social Connections Contest

The Social Connections Committee of CALLERLAB is having a contest. We are looking for ideas that many of you have used throughout the years to encourage and increase the social connections amongst dancers at your club dances, weekend festivals and new dancer events. This will help us develop another valuable KnowledgeBase resource of fun ideas to share with callers, cuers, and dance leaders all over the world. Sharing these ideas to enhance the already valuable social magic that can occur naturally in our dance activity would be helpful to newer leaders in both new and existing clubs.

The ideas submitted will be evaluated by the Social Connections Committee and prizes will be awarded. A $100 Amazon gift card will go to the winner of the best suggestion. A $50 Amazon gift card for the second prize and a $25 Amazon gift card for the third best suggestion.

Deadline for submission: August 15, 2021 at midnight (CST)

Submit your ideas here!

Submission example #1 

Provide plain adhesive stickers at the registration desk and have everyone that attends the event write the name of their favorite dessert on their sticker and wear it like a badge. By the start of the 3rd tip each dancer attempts to find as many dancers as they can that have the same or similar favorite dessert. There can be many ways to finish this idea like prizes for the most people with the same dessert, all those with a similar dessert square up the fourth tip etc.

Example # 2

On the Sunday morning or Saturday afternoon at a weekend dance festival, have a crazy T-shirt dance. Have everyone at the dance go around and check out everyone else’s T-shirt. Each dancer votes by write-in ballot on any number of categories you decide, and prizes can be awarded. The more valuable your prizes are, the better your participation will be.

We’re sure your idea will be even better than the two examples above. Don’t wait. Submit your idea today!