Discounts for Overseas Members

Our overseas CALLERLAB members provide a diverse perspective on the square dance activity that is essential when making decisions that influence the activity world-wide.  We recognize that there are many obstacles for Overseas Members including but not limited to inconvenient online meeting times, language barriers, higher travel costs to attend the CALLERLAB Convention, and exchange rates.  CALLERLAB values the commitment required by overseas callers to participate in CALLERLAB and wants to make it more enticing to become a member by offering a financial reduction in dues.

The Executive Committee has approved a 40% discount on membership dues for overseas members for the 2023-2024 membership year. The 2023-2024 membership dues for Active & Associate Members are discounted to $66 and Apprentice Member (callers calling 3 years or less) dues are discounted to $51.

Overseas Members are invited to join or renew their membership online at

Download the Press Release below for more information.