Where are the women

February 7, 2021 57.41 KB 3707 downloads

An informative article by Daryl Clendenin regarding single men and dancing.

The Downsizing of Square Dancing by George Smith

February 7, 2021 7.63 MB 4600 downloads

George Smith presents an article regarding his experience with square dancing and the current decline.

Square Dance History Project

February 7, 2021 55.67 KB 4429 downloads

By David Millstone--A group of square dance enthusiasts has launched a digital library and website.


February 7, 2021 78.94 KB 5324 downloads

Daryl Clendenin presents an article on Basic as an Entry Program.

Dancer Etiquette

February 7, 2021 47.64 KB 3561 downloads

Daryl Clendenin article on dancers etiquettes.


February 7, 2021 74.16 KB 3170 downloads

An article by Paul Walker presenting "Change" to square dancing.

Class Recruitment and Retention by Darryl McMillan

January 7, 2012 52.80 KB 4830 downloads

Darryl presents several theories and facts regarding recruitment and retention of new dancers. This article was published in the Jan/Feb 2012 DIRECTION.

CRaMS "Starting CRaMS" by Barry Johnson

May 21, 2011 247.97 KB 4748 downloads

CRaMS is a system of calling that encourages the use of modules or extemporaneous calling while working within a framework of known dancer relationships.

Memory For Callers by Daryl Clendenin (May 2011)

May 7, 2011 22.13 KB 3415 downloads

Brief description of how our memory works, how important it is to our calling, and a reminder to pay attention to help our memory.

Calling In Schools (In The Long Run) By Corben Geis

December 22, 2010 26.52 KB 12305 downloads

In this article Corben provides his thoughts regarding the benefits of square dancing in schools. He and others believe this will help future recruiting of new dancers.

In The Long Run

December 22, 2010 26.52 KB 3205 downloads

Corben Gies

Teaching Techniques By Jerry Reed (December 23, 2010)
December 7, 2010 83.66 KB 4662 downloads

Jerry has written an outstanding teaching aid. This document includes the following general topics: 1) BASICS OF TEACHING/LEARNING and 2) TEACHING METHODS. This document is also available under Teaching Resources.

New Callers By Daryl Clendenin (December 23, 2010)

December 7, 2010 54.41 KB 3119 downloads

Includes Daryl's thoughts on how to find and recruit new callers.